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Rich in profound thought with a touch of levity…

Again, this author’s work confounds me, but in a good way. First of all, for a person who is practically obsessed with categorizing things (me) I don’t quite know what to call this kind of writing. But let me try to describe it.

It’s like poetry. I say that only because I am not, and never have been, sure of what is actually poetry. But this serious of thoughts reads elegantly and is “deep”. Like remember in English lit classes when they kept saying poetry is “deep”?

Or, maybe it’s like a book of pithy quotations. Kind of like what you can read on BrainyQuote ( In fact with Olivia’s permission I plan to use some of these statements on my web page and possibly as book or pre-chapter quotations.

Insomniac’s Dilemma is too well thought out to be stream of consciousness. It is deceptive; looking at first like a quick read but it’s not. I found myself reading and re-reading some of these entries as they are that thought provoking. Just as thought provoking as anything out there by so-called intellectual pundits who think they can tell you something about life. And by the way, some of them are pretty funny.

Rock Bottom

“The moment in life when you realize Hell has a basement”

I hope I have peaked your curiosity. You really can’t conceptualize what Olivia Madelene’s books are like unless you experience them. She is a totally unique one-of-a-kind talent.

5 stars. –Randy Cade

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