Call Me Harry

Murderer, Bank Robber or Mayor? Crime with a sense of humor


ISBN 9781310258428


While in a West Texas prison serving time for murder Harry Parnes had an opportunity to think. For 14 years. He hadn’t been that successful as a criminal. He resolved to live a better and more successful life. What better way than to rob a bank on impulse the day you get out?

The way most book jacket liner notes are written you were probably expecting to see something like “This book is for the serious Crime Fiction Aficionado.” Well, it's not. It’s for the Crime Fiction Aficionado with a sense of humor.

At the Request of James Dougle


Summary from “At the Request of James Dougle” a short work 19,470 words Copyright Randy Cade 5 16 2014


James Dougle is a black man accused of murdering Round Hill Arkansas’ most prominent citizen in 1884.  After a rowdy show trial held in the local saloon with famous hanging Judge Isaac C. Parker presiding, Dougle quips “For all you know about holdin’ a fair trial Judge Parker, why in hell don’t you just crucify me?” Be careful what you wish for James Dougle.  Will there be justice in Round Hill?



Fire Sale


Crime, divorce, violence, gutterpunks, murder and multi-million dollar real estate. Sounds like a party doesn't it?


The First Paragraph from "Fire Sale":


Screaming violent gutter punks are shooting flaming arrows onto the deck of my nine million dollar home from a raft on the Russian River in Sonoma County California.  How in the hell did it come to this?

I’ll tell you how it came to this…

Die Clean


Get inside the mind of a mob killer. Then get out. Four dead in San Francisco.  It's been a busy morning.


Crandall took the glass elevator up to the top floor where the suites were located looking down at the lobby and its shrunken population of businessmen, service personnel, shoppers, diners and drinkers. It was like looking down on a small city in the middle of its busy day, all the townspeople going about their innocent business, not aware they were being watched.


Crandall’s business was not so innocent.  When he got to the top floor he stepped out and walked quietly down the hall slipping his hand inside his jacket to finger the pistol strapped under his left arm. It was a Ruger .22 caliber semi-automatic with a Gemtech suppression barrel. The loudest thing you would hear after you squeezed the trigger was the cycling of the bolt, a puff of compressed air and whatever final noises were uttered by the victim as the low velocity .22 bullet entered and started to bounce around inside his skull shredding grey matter.

      THUGSTORE is the story of  a young executive search professional (Doug Moore) who is in deep trouble with the mob over his inept sports betting. He flees from California to Chicago where he inadvertently hits on the girlfriend of neighborhood crime boss and blues club owner Air Conditioning Williams. In exchange for his life, the head hunter has to work for Williams using his expertise to start a national search and employment firm for criminals.



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Stages Of The Con

After six years, the Sequel to "Call Me Harry". Harry runs for Mayor while a drug war rages. 

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Butterflies Love Blood -

The Screenplay

Written at the suggestion of a worlds famous movie director (Will he make it?) . The screenplay version features expanded plot lines,  and even more insane characters and situations along with a generous amount of truly horror-able  violence and screaming action.  Oh yeah, and it's pretty funny too.