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Best New Writers I Have Found

I am guessing virtually every wannabe writer who wants to publish a book goes through roughly the same things that I have.

First, write the book. Put your soul on page after page. And it takes way; way more time than you thought it would didn’t it? You are proud, you actually did it, you started, you forced yourself to keep writing and you FINISHED It!!


Bullshit. A “finished” well edited manuscript of your absolutely riveting prose (fiction or non-fiction) is, contrary to common misconception, NOT finished. This is just the beginning.

Who’s going to find it? And then, when they find it, who’s going to READ it. I guarantee most of the people you thought were your best friends won’t even read it much less review it. Forget your best friends, your kids won’t even read it. So now what? Hope your mother is alive?”

Next step: Find a publisher or an agent (the two things are equally difficult), and submit your work through him (or her) to a major publisher. Easy, right? All the names and addresses and emails are out there on the net, ya’ don’t even have to search for their names, the names practically find you, yet they couldn’t care less about your intellectual property, that and $1.99 will get you a cup of coffee at Denny’s. if you type the right words into Google. You are on an electronic mailing list until your grandchildren’s children are dead.

So now what you need to do is “solicit” interest in your work from people who are reading great new books (probably by established best selling writers) every day.

These are the same agents and “publishers” who have our manuscripts on their desk real estate and all over the floors of their offices. You stack all those MF’ing manuscripts one on top of another, and the stack’ll be as high as a horse’s eye. And that’s just this week’s stuff.

And so sometimes you get a rejection letter. Right?

So then you decide to self- publish. Yeah! Anybody can publish almost any damn thing they want on Amazon for FREE. That’s the way to go! The way of the future of literature. They even pay 35-70% royalties! What other publisher does that?

Well, if you go through all these above steps you will be yourself where I and countless other writers find themselves now; self published on Amazon (etc.) with almost no sales, urging everyone to read and review their work, and getting gradually more and more frustrated with the process. The only thing that keeps me going is that I have this crazy notion that when I die, I will leave something behind (for awhile) and maybe the few people who will miss me when I’m gone will finally read my stuff!

How many people out there feel like this? It is for this reason that I want to do anything I can to promote the new writers I have found in self publishing hell. I hope they won’t mind the “Shout out”.

These writers have written some of the best books I’ve read EVER. Not just by well-known, best selling professional writers. These are just darn good books, well written, dramatic, funny, and innocent, cynical, full of adventure, good quotes, good characters and good stories.

Or maybe not…maybe we can discuss...

That’s right; if you want to critique, that’s good too. Just read and write whatcha think. Or not, you can just go feel guilty. Frankly Scarlett, I don’ give a damn!”

Upcoming posts will feature these new self published (with some exceptions) authors and I am urging you to read as much of them as you can. Some of the names of writers who will first be featured…….

Nicole Woolaston


James Vaughan

After all, if you weren’t a “reader” you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

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