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I've been writing and publishing ebooks since 2013.  I've been writing songs sine 1966. Guess which encompasses more words?

I'm not sure. But what's the difference?

All samples on the Music page are linked to my account on Spotify. All songs are copyrighted. I've included lyrics cuz'...well, they're words. All songs are elegible for recording with proper permissions. Check out my Music Page. 


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WHat this is all about


"If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it."


        - Elmore Leonard

If you like the writings of Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiassen, George V. Higgins, Bud Shulberg, Dan Jenkins, Damon Runyon David Milch and John D. MacDonald, you'll probably like what I write.  I mention these great authors of Crime Fiction only out of deference. I am a new author and am not in any way suggesting I am as skillful or polished as the above mentioned greats. That's why when I write I just try not to take myself, and life, too seriously.


I want to present stories that have an element of realism and the traditional smattering of raw dialogue, violence and surprise plot twists that have traditionally inhabited the pages of crime fiction. And I want to do it with a sense of humor and in the way people really talk when they are among friends.  And enemies.

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